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Choosing a major is a big step toward deciding who you will become after graduation. And sometimes, students are not quite ready to make that final decision. That’s OK. At NMSU, you can start as an exploratory student and delve into different degree options while taking courses that will help keep you on track toward earning your bachelor’s degree.

During your first year at NMSU, you will choose a meta-major to explore. Each meta-major is a broad cluster of degree programs with common academic foundations including courses such as English and math, as well as course options that facilitate the discovery of other disciplines. Visit our Meta-Majors page to see which NMSU majors are a part of each of the eight meta-majors.

For questions about meta-majors at NMSU, or to learn more, contact the Center for Academic Advising and Student Support at or 575-646-2941, or send us your questions using the form below.

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